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Report on the Seminar

The first Innovation Seminar feeding back the lessons learned from the Institutional Innovations Programmes was held on 16th November. The seminar focussed on lessons from projects that have implemented emergent technologies – such as mobile technologies, podcasting and lecture capture – at a corporate level (i.e. across the institution rather than local innovation by individuals). [...]

Seminar Presentation

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the seminar and provided such useful feedback and comments. We’d still welcome feedback around the briefings on emergent technologies. Please email me paul@jis-ssbr.net A copy of the seminar presentation is available for download here Seminar1-Emergent+Technologies. The seminar can also be viewed in elluminate Emergent Technologies 16 Nov 2010.

Briefings for Consultation

The lessons on Emergent Technologies are summarised in the following briefing documents which can be donwloaded from the links below. These are drafts for consultation only, so please let me have some feedback and contact us if the information is useful. 1.MobileTechnologies-draft for consultation 2.Podcasting-and-electronic-lecturecapture-draft for consultation 8.Students-and-Institutions-draft for consultation

Tips for the webconference…

Here there is a quick guide (2 pages) Elluminate_Live!_Participant_Quick_Reference_Guide_v95. Elluminate has some idiossincracies – there is a good 5 min training session: [here] and a step-by-step Online Orientation [here]. If you would like more expertise watch this 19 minutes tutorial for Moderators that will get you up-to-speed: [here] There is a ‘Sandbox meeting Space’ (http://elluminate.jisc-ssbr.net) [...]

Innovation Seminar I: Emergent Technologies

The JISC-SSBR Institutional Innovation seminar to feedback and consult on some of the conclusions from the synthesis of Institutional Innovation projects takes place as follows Date: Tuesday 16th November 2010 [add to your calendar] Time: 12:00-13:00 (please login to elluminate between 11.30 and 12:00) Venue: Elluminate [link to session here] Registration: To register for the [...]