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Tips for the webconference…

Here there is a quick guide (2 pages) Elluminate_Live!_Participant_Quick_Reference_Guide_v95.

Elluminate has some idiossincracies – there is a good 5 min training session: [here] and a step-by-step Online Orientation [here]. If you would like more expertise watch this 19 minutes tutorial for Moderators that will get you up-to-speed: [here]

There is a ‘Sandbox meeting Space’ (http://elluminate.jisc-ssbr.net) to test access before the meetings/sessions – check if there are no firewall issues – and to test/adjust Microphones and Speakers – if you have any problem please contact ‘joe@jisc-ssbr.net‘ and I’ll do my best to resolve the issue.

The main known issues are regarding the Audio setup, so please have a look in some basic guidelines

You’ll find in the right column ‘Links’ to the Elluminate session, a good guidance about the platform and a link to a blogroll of technical issues about ‘Java’ and ‘Firewalls’

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